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Kurt Kinetic Trainers

Why buy a Kurt Kinetic Indoor Bike Trainer?

  • Amazing Indoor Tech at each Pricepoint
  • Their Smart Trainer Lineup offers tons of data with their Kinetic Fit App - Affordable Smart Trainer compatability with their Kinetic Fit App which you can download at both iTunes App Store and the Android App Store
  • Kurt Kinetic iTunes Appstore Download Kurt Kinetic Android App Download Link
  • We Love Kurt Kinetic's Lifetime Warranty - Kinetic offers the original owner a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects for the frame (not including inRide sensor) &the fluid, magnetic and wind resistance units.
  • They are compatible with tons of styles of bikes: road bikes, hybrids, mountain bikes (though noisy and you'll love them with a slick tire), 29ers with up to a 2.3 wide tire, bikes without Quick releases (that have standard 15mm axle nuts), tandems, recumbents, and even some tricycles.
Kinetic 12mm Traxle Through-Axle
Kurt Kinetic's 12mm Traxle Through-Axle lets you attach your mountain bike to a Kinetic trainer without changing the original skewer. Three different thread pitches ensure a perfect fit for whichever axle you're using.
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